Learn More about WWT

If you’re just getting started with WWT, you might want to check out these resources:

The WorldWide Telescope User Manual shows how to use the WWT Windows application and the web client.

Are you a researcher? Use WWT’s rendering engine to visualize and analyze your data inside Jupyter with pywwt.

Check out our YouTube channel to see for yourself what WWT can do and how educators and scientists across the world are using it.

Digging Deeper

Here are just a few highlights from the WWT documentation pages:

Tours are scripted, multimedia experiences that guide the viewer through WWT’s simulated universe. The Tour Authoring Guide shows how to design, create, and share tours.

WWT can power multiple-projector planetarium domes and other high-end display systems. The Planetarium Guide shows how to configure your projector alignment, set up advanced controllers, and more.

WWT tours are built out of graphical layers in the WWT rendering engine that add new imagery, 3D models, orbital trajectories, and more. Visit the Layer Guide to learn what’s possible.

Developer Docs, Data Formats, and More

The links above are just the tip of the iceberg! Visit the WWT Documentation Hub to see everything that’s available.

Go to the WWT Documentation Hub