Researcher Resources

From the outer reaches of the universe to our Solar System to our planet Earth, WorldWide Telescope lets you seamlessly share and explore 3D/4D visualizations of complex datasets and image sets within WorldWide Telescope. The following Resources provide an excellent starting point for visualizing your data in WorldWide Telescope today.

Layer Control API

The Layer Control API (LCAPI) enables efficient data transfer and visualization in WorldWide Telescope. The LCAPI supports:

  • Adding custom data to the Layer Manager of WorldWide Telescope.
  • Connecting your database and application specific processing with WorldWide Telescopes Visualization.
  • Remotely controlling WWT from other applications.

Explore Layer Control API documentation (includes sample code).

Tile Pipeline Tools

Tile Pipeline Tools allow:

  • Reproject image data into tile pyramids suitable for visualization in WorldWide Telescope.
  • Turn global or local xyz data into image tile pyramids.
  • Process Digital Elevation Models (DEM) into WWT compatible DEM tile pyramids.
  • Share the tile pyramids with your colleagues.
  • Create your own community containing tours, data and links that your colleagues can easily access.
  • Access the original ADK tools, i.e. the Sphere Toaster and the Study Chopper.

Further Reading and Reference documentation