WorldWide Telescope 5.1 Gold RC for Windows

WWT 5.1 Gold RC Features Include

  • Sandbox mode: Bring in your own data from the microscopic to the scale of the universe, as we did with EyeWire at TED
  • 3d Cities : Explore the same 3d Cites featured in Bing Maps Preview
  • Improvements to key-frame animation in timeline slides
  • On Screen controls are now “Auto pilot” like for cinematic real-time driving with a mouse
  • Support for foot pedal controls for activating features like all-stop and zooming
  • Support for 3d printing any feature of terrestrial planet or moon using STL file export
  • Oculus Improvements
  • Volumetric Milky Way : See the milky way like never before with real-time volumetric rendering
  • Planet by planet orbit visibility: Turn on and off orbits on a planet-by-planet basis.
  • Visibility by grouping for asteroids
  • Improved OBJ support
  • Galactic Mode: The sky mode now allows your to align to galactic coordinates for navigation.
  • LCAPI updates
  • Map Constellation groups to Midi (or other) Buttons
  • Fixed Crash when running tours while not in master mode
  • Fixed several keyframing issues
  • Current slide advances during tour playback when slides are visible
  • Overlay rotation is not available in tour editor properties
  • Fixed several issues with on-screen controls
  • Fixed Bugs

Install WWT 5.1 Gold RC

WWT 5.1 Gold RC System Requirements

To run this software, you need the following on your computer:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 (older versions of Windows are not supported)
  • Discrete graphics card with 512 MB VRAM, DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 compatibility, high-end GTX 480 class or better, and 1 GB VRAM recommended
  • WorldWide Telescope 5.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Do not attempt to install WWT 5.1 Gold RC on Windows XP. It does not run and can potentially prevent the legacy version from running.

Legacy Windows Modal